♫ Malissa ☆ Suchen ein ♫ (cest_la_vie) wrote in nano_pdx,
♫ Malissa ☆ Suchen ein ♫

NaNoWriMo 2006

Oh dear.  So I hae been coaching Aly's volleyball team and with the way they have been going and everything else I have been doing I have been slacking on word cont.  My biggest obstacle now is that they have done so well that they are in the tournament now.  This week!  They are doing great, but that gives me a week less time than I had.  I am very happy they are in the tournament, but volleyball was supposed to end last week.  oops.

Nano suffers at the hand of something waaaay more important.  My baby girl!  hehe.

Any ideas on how I can write and be at the tournament (which lasts from Wednesday to Monday) and still get in the word count?
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